Please join us on
Tuesday 5 December 2023
at Shift Espresso Bar
Deer Park Drive, Vredehoek
17:30 for 18:00

We will review the past year’s activities and Streetscapes will report their successes as well.

Drinks will be available to order from Shift.

Our 2022–2023 Annual Report is now available for download here.

We want to build our team

Our treasurer had to step down so we are looking for a new treasurer. If you have accounts experience and a bit of time, please join us!

We’d also love to expand all areas of our team so that we can be more effective – please join us!

We’re all volunteers juggling DPVO activities with work and family commitments, and any help would be very much appreciated. If you have a couple of hours free a month, please get in touch!

Drop us a line at to discuss or come to our AGM and chat to us there.

Graffiti clean-up now underway

Graffit cleaning is underway as the Streetscapes team put their new skills to work in our area! On the first morning they tackled the many electrical boxes in Upper Maynard Street! Street signs are also often sprayed with graffiti so the team is keeping a sharp eye out for these and cleaning them up, as you see in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos below.

Residents in the Vredehoek and Devil’s Peak community have started to report other surfaces that need a clean-up. The team has allocated one day a week to this work, and they hope to soon have made a noticeable difference.

Want to donate? It’s easy as pie!

We have registered with PayFast to make once-off and monthly recurring donations even easier. Please see details at
You can also get involved by joining DPV Outreach as a member! As a member, you’ll get regular updates on our activities and on ways you can help.