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DPV Outreach (DPVO) is a small group of volunteers who feel that the old ways of approaching homelessness in the community aren’t working. We are doing this differently and looking for longer-term solutions that benefit all in our community – both the housed and un-housed. This is a first for the Vredehoek / Devil’s Peak area and our approach is unique, but we’ve already had several successes and with your help we can do more.

Our activities are largely based on a partnership with Streetscapes: we have the services of a field worker on the ground – Chantel Sampson (whose salary we pay a portion of) – and are able to ask for advice when residents encounter issues with homeless people. In return we can tap into the resources, skills and goodwill of our community when Streetscapes needs donations or is looking for specific volunteer skills.

Our aim is to help homeless people in our area by connecting them with NGOs such as Streetscapes and others who can assist them with IDs, work (when available), arranging accommodation (where possible) and physical- and mental healthcare.

Read our 2022/3 Annual Report

How we can help residents

  • If you are experiencing issues with homeless people, we’d like to know
  • If you can help us identify where people are sleeping rough or begging in our neighbourhood, we can ask Chantel to help. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to respond to concerns immediately, but we’ll ensure they’re addressed when Chantel is in the area and we will keep you updated.
  • If you let us know when you notice any public areas that need tidying up the street cleaning team can focus their attention there.

How you can help us

We are currently raising funds to cover our share of our field worker, Chantel’s salary.

R170 covers our share of a field worker’s salary for one day.
R850 covers our share for a week.
R3,500 covers our share for a month.
R42,000 covers our share for a year.

We also need volunteers to join our team. If you’re interested please get in touch!

Thank you for your donations!

With your help, in our first year of operation donations totalling R73 000 allowed us to cover our share of Chantel’s salary and the cost of the CEFA Auxilliary Social Worker course she’ll undertake in 2023. It also covered some small incidental expenses.

We are fundraising for care packs and our portion of Chantel’s salary for 2023. Can you help us reach our goal?

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