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Our Vision

A thriving and safe Devil’s Peak Vredehoek community that is inclusive of all, family-friendly, ecologically sustainable, and commercially attractive.

DPV Outreach is an independent voluntary organisation established by residents of Devil’s Peak and Vredehoek, working in partnership with Streetscapes, to look at how our community can find solutions to homelessness in our area.

As an organisation, our first project follows in the footsteps of the Van Riebeeck Park Pilot Project which ran from the end of April 2019 to end February 2020, with the aim to provide support to unhoused community members and information to all community members in the Devil’s Peak Vredehoek area. The support is provided by Chantel, a part-time fieldworker, who is supervised and mentored by our amazing partners from the Streetscapes Programme at Khulisa Social Solutions.

DPV Outreach’s approach is to build a sustainable, long-term model that deals with the bigger picture of homelessness, by tapping into the knowledge and experience of organisations such as Streetscapes and other NGOs working with the homeless and working together with them to find sustainable solutions to current issues; and engaging with local stakeholders in the community.

To start with, we see our role as twofold. First, as a conduit between the homeless community in our area and housed residents, and vice versa – which is where the role of Chantel, our fieldworker, is critical. Second, we want to support the work and rehabilitation programmes that Streetscapes (and other NGOs) offer to homeless individuals, so that they can effect permanent, sustainable change in their lives.

Chantel started on 1 August 2021, and she hit the ground running! On her very first day of work, she stayed by the side of someone in need of emergency medical care for several hours. The person was finally taken to the hospital and was extremely grateful for the support that Chantel provided!

Please say hello if you see Chantel around the neighbourhood. We are so excited to have her on the team and we can’t wait to grow together!

Find out more about Chantel’s work here.

DPV Outreach is currently fundraising to cover Chantel’s salary for 12 months and put aside the money needed to pay for her to study for the Auxiliary Social Worker qualification. We are also raising funds for care packs and other means of support. Please consider making a donation.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


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Our Objectives

DPV Outreach is a public, non-profit organisation established for the objective of creating a thriving and safe Devil’s Peak Vredehoek community that is inclusive of all, family-friendly, ecologically sustainable, and commercially attractive through the following objectives:

    1. Fostering cooperation between residents, businesses, other stakeholders, and the City to actively build the community.
    2. Creating an ecologically sustainable community. 
    3. Facilitating support for and understanding of people experiencing homelessness and ensuring they are treated in a holistic way.

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