Today is World Homeless Day, an opportunity for those of us who do have homes to offer a little help to those who don’t.

World Homeless Day was launched in 2010, to draw attention to the plight of people all over the world – some say as many as 1-billion – who are homeless.

Many just need a bit of help to change their situation, as our work with Streetscapes has shown. Thanks to the generous donations of residents and help from the City of Cape Town, a team of people who used to be homeless are out and about every week cleaning our streets, weeding, collecting bag after bag of rubbish and contributing to a better life for everyone in our area.

field worker Chantel Sampson

Today is a day to acknowledge that team, led by Hilma Amutenya, our field worker Chantel Sampson, and all the Vredehoek and Devils Peak residents who have helped to make their work possible.

Please join in today by contributing something – however much or little – to the project! Visit the Rugley Road garden, where Streetscapes gardeners will offer you organic, freshly picked vegetables and herbs. Or come and work with DPVOutreach – we need as many volunteers as possible.

From left to right: Hilma Amathenya, Andile Ndawonde, Mcebisi, Azola Gwenthsula Ncumisa Baraza, Thanduxolo Maliti, Bukeka Jonas

And if you’d like the team to clean YOUR street, just send us an email,

You can find out more about World Homeless Day at