More and more DPV residents and business owners are finding discarded needles outside their premises. The below was taken from a post on Ward 77 Councillor Francine Higham’s Facebook page which some residents might find useful:

TB HIV Care is an NGO in the CBD working to prevent transmission of HIV/Aids and TB in our communities. A key part of their work is a drug rehabilitation and needle exchange programme for the homeless. These are the pink needles that our residents often find discarded in public spaces such as parks or near schools which are often dark and quiet at night. This obviously puts our children at risk and so we have had a number of engagements with TB HIV Care to implement initatives to prevent this from happening – this includes proactive engagement with their clients, particularly those who have been identified as problematic, about the impact of discarded needles. TB HIV Care also run proactive clean-ups in problematic areas and they have established a single “HOTLINE” contact number on whatsapp where residents can contact them about discarded needles, incidents and hotspots for public drug use to be addressed.

The TB HIV Care HOTLINE number is 079 589 8834.

Image: Cllr Francine Higham – Ward 77, Cape Town on Facebook

For more information about TB HIV Care please visit